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Every day from Tuesday till Saturday lunch = starter + main dish to be chosen in this

menu 25 Euro without drink or simply one main dish at your choice 18,5 Euros.


                                                                               October 2018

60 Euro with wines
50 Euro without wines
42 Euro without drinks
Kir royal with vineyard peach
Dainty appetizers 
Millefeuille of  Saint-Jacques scallops with extra sweet smoked salmon
Conférence pear marinated in syrup flavoured with basil  
" Fleurette" fresh cream with Madagascar vanilla
Crispy delicacy of  "Petits Gris de Namur"escargots cooked in stock 
Carpet shells sauteed with garlic butter and parsley
Cooking juices enriched with chives 
Thin sliced smoked duck breast 'carpaccio style'
Mousseline of fresh goat cheese with acacia honey and mint 
Foie gras shavings
Snacked venison medallions
Seasonal garnish, apple with cranberries cooked with cane sugar 
Game stock with green pepper and red currant jelly  
Skate wing with wakame seaweed and marinated prawns
Lobster sauce with preserved tomato macedoine
Buttered potato wafer 
Quail stuffed "à la forestière" on a bed of sweeet potato  
Thin sliced leeks with macarpone cream 
Veal stock with shallots and thyme 
Dessert according to the Chef's fantasy
Coffee and sweets